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A walk in a blizzard...

Crisp leaves swirling around grey beech trunks...

The silent rising of spring green

Or a diamond-bright moon...

The bright-eyed furry perfection of a lively mouse...


These form my microcosm,

Each, a clue to our cosmos.

I reach for imagery that expresses

spirit, intelligence, consciousness in all things.


Working in clay or bronze or combining materials,

I design for interiors and exteriors.

Sculpture and space merge

and enhance each other.


- Trina Greene 



"Ms. Greene's work reflects the genius of an artist utterly at one with her oeuvre. Sculpture's very highest traditions are exemplified in a passionate dedication to artistic integrity that speaks through a consummate mastery of her medium."

- Dale Stein, Distinguished Teaching Professor

of Drawing and Design, Emeritus

State University of New York

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