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Bronze, Life size

66"H x 22"W x 19"D


Pan stands poised with his pipes ready. A honey bee is on his pipes. He is part of the rocky mountainside in which goats find shelter. Three goats cluster around him. The mountain wind blows through his hair.

"The life-sized figure of Pan gives one the feeling of having miraculously stumbled on a creature not meant to be seen by mortal eyes. He seems to have just lowered his pipes from his lips, as he looks down, and pauses to consider a fleeting thought.  The animals and plants compressed around his legs also breathe and glow, amplifying and suggesting a whole magical world."


-Elizabeth S. Bolman, Ph.D.,

Art Historian


"It's great fun to work with Trina Greene on a sculpture commission.  She listens carefully to what you want, and then surprises and delights you."

-Jim and Mary Ottoway, Collectors

Dow Jones, Wall Street Journal

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