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As a sculptor, my interests lie in symbolism, subtle gestures and elegant form. I start with basic volumes when I build my life-sized figures from clay slabs that allow me to bend and stretch them. In some sculptures, a simple steel armature in the legs and below the pelvis can carry the weight of the entire upper body.

This method of building with hollow forms often suggests how I will develop the outer forms further,  refining them and creating rich detail with more slabs and modeling with clay. I sometimes start with only a gesture of movement on a scrap of paper. The finished work has a living presence.

For over 30 years I have been casting my large clay figures in bronze.

Over the years I have also enjoyed working with other materials such as glazed stoneware and aluminum; currently, a series of aluminum ‘nests,’ again simple beautiful forms.

For me, sculpture is a never-ending journey of discovery and creative play.

My studio is in New Paltz, NY where I live.

- Trina Greene, sculptor.

Sonadora (Dreamer) detail

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